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    Cogeneration Generator Systems: Maximising Energy Efficiency

    If you are in the market for cutting-edge power generation solutions for industrial and commercial settings, then Lakewood Electrical can accommodate you.

    Our expertise lies in cogeneration generator systems; a revolutionary approach to electricity generation that maximises energy efficiency and sustainability.

    With our state-of-the-art range of cogeneration equipment, we empower you to take control of your organisation’s power needs while contributing to a greener future.

    Explore the Benefits of Cogeneration Electricity Generation with Lakewood Electrical

    Cogeneration, aka combined heat and power (CHP), is a highly efficient method of producing electricity and heat simultaneously from a single fuel source.

    This innovative approach offers a number of attractive benefits for businesses seeking to optimize their energy consumption:

    Enhanced Energy Efficiency

    Cogeneration captures and utilises waste heat that would otherwise be wasted in conventional power generation methods. By harnessing this heat, you can achieve overall energy efficiencies of up to 90%.


    Cost Savings

    Cogeneration electricity generation systems significantly reduce energy costs by generating electricity on-site. You can avoid the hefty expenses associated with purchasing electricity from the grid at peak rates, thus offering you substantial long-term savings.


    Energy Independence

    With cogeneration energy, businesses gain greater control over their power supply. By generating electricity on-site, you can reduce your reliance on external energy sources, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted power supply (even during grid outages).

    Environmental Sustainability

    Cogeneration equipment provides a sustainable energy solution that significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.


    Integrated Cogeneration Solutions: Unleashing Sustainable Power

    At Lakewood Electrical, we offer integrated cogeneration energy solutions tailored to meet the unique energy needs of businesses across a multitude of industries.

    Our team of experienced engineers and technicians will work closely with you to design and implement cogeneration electricity generation systems that align with your specific requirements.

    System Design and Engineering

    Our experts conduct a comprehensive analysis of your energy needs, facility layout, and operational requirements to design a cogeneration system with complex control systems that ultimately maximises efficiency and performance.

    Equipment Selection and Installation

    We specialise in a wide range of cogeneration equipment, including gas turbines, reciprocating engines, and microturbines. Our skilled technicians guarantee seamless installation and integration.

    Maintenance and Support

    We offer ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your cogeneration system, including SCADA development and programming, regular site inspections, power factor correction and improvement, troubleshooting, generator maintenance and repair, and 24-7 emergency services to minimise downtime and maximise efficiency.

    Discover the Power of Cogeneration Equipment in Modern Energy Solutions
    We bring the latest advancements in cogeneration equipment to businesses seeking sustainable power generation solutions. Our extensive range of industry-leading equipment includes:
    Gas Turbines

    Highly efficient and versatile, gas turbines are ideal for large-scale power generation – offering excellent reliability, low emissions, and quick start-up times.


    Compact and efficient, microturbines are an excellent choice for smaller-scale power generation – offering low emissions, quiet operation, and modular design.

    Greater Fuel Efficiency

    Diesel engines are well renowned for their efficiency, consuming less fuel compared to other generator types. This translates to attractive cost savings and much longer operation times.

    Efficient Cogeneration Energy: Pioneering Sustainable Practices

    Lakewood Electrical is committed to pioneering sustainable practices through efficient cogeneration energy solutions. We strive to empower businesses like yours with innovative and environmentally conscious power generation options that align with your goals and core values. Our team of experts are at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements so we can deliver cutting-edge solutions that maximise energy efficiency and minimise environmental impact.

    Transforming Power Generation with Lakewood Electrical's Cogeneration Expertise

    When you choose Lakewood Electrical as your cogeneration partner, you benefit from our extensive experience, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence.


    With our comprehensive range of services, state-of-the-art equipment, and customer-centric approach, we are the trusted choice for businesses seeking reliable and sustainable power generation solutions in Sydney.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Power Generation

    Cogeneration maximises energy efficiency by simultaneously producing electricity and capturing waste heat that would otherwise be wasted in conventional power generation. This captured heat can then be utilised for a wide variety of other functions.

    At Lakewood Electrical, we specialise in a wide range of cogeneration equipment, including gas turbines, reciprocating engines, and microturbines. In addition, we offer a variety of other of on-site power generation solutions, including our generator for hire services:
    1. 1250kva generator hire
    2. 550kva generator hire
    3. 600kw load bank hire
    4. 5000l fuel tank hire
    5. 1200l fuel trailer hire

    Yes, cogeneration generator systems can be customised to meet the specific energy needs of businesses across a plethora of different industries.

    Absolutely. Cogeneration is a versatile solution that can be implemented for both small-scale and large-scale electricity generation.

    Choosing cogeneration equipment offers a number of attractive advantages for businesses seeking to enhance energy sustainability:  
    1. Enhanced energy efficiency and cost savings.
    2. Reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
    3. Energy independence and reliability with on-site electricity generation.
    4. Reduced dependence on the grid and protection against power outages.
    5. Customisable solutions to meet specific energy needs and operational requirements.
    6. Eligibility for CHP tax credits.
    7. Eligibility for carbon credits.
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