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25 Pritchard Place Peakhurst NSW 2210
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  • Our Electrical Service Capabilities

    Capabilities Statement

    Lakewood Electrical Services is an independent, wholly Australian owned, family based company that has been operating since 1957. We offer a range of services including electrical design and installation to industrial, commercial, mining, construction and government clients throughout Australia.

    At Lakewood, we value quality and safety. Our work meets relevant workplace health and safety standards to ensure that we not only look after the safety and wellbeing of our employees, but that of our customers. The Safety Management System of Lakewood Electrical Services is certified to comply with as45001 through an external third party certification body.

    Lakewood are committed to providing the highest quality work and customer service levels to deliver the best possible solution to suit your needs and budget. Through this commitment we have forged relationships with some of Australia’s largest companies and continue to meet their ongoing needs.

    Our company has a vast knowledge in many facets of commercial and industrial electrical installation and we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

    Electrical Services

    Lakewood Electrical specialise in engineered solutions tailored to meet your project requirements and provide unparalleled service. We also provide expert unbiased solutions for maintaining and repairing critical infrastructure ensuring the longevity and reliability of your investment. With a strong background in the following areas, we consistently deliver high quality installations on time, every time.

    Design, Installation and Maintenance of switchboards and electrical control systems
    PLC control and SCADA systems
    Commercial and industrial installations
    Thermal scanning
    Power analysing
    Constant Current 48VDC Automated Battery Testing to 36kW (600A) with individual cell monitoring
    Test and tag
    RCD testing
    Emergency and exit lighting testing

    Customised Generator Controls

    Lakewood Electrical can customise Generator Control Systems to meet any specification regardless of the complexity. From design, to construction, factory testing, installation, commissioning and ongoing support, we can offer a turnkey solution to any power generation requirement

    Woodward Authorised Systems Integrator with factory trained technicians
    Sales of genuine Woodward products
    Field service and troubleshooting
    Engineering assistance ,factory testing and site commissioning
    Customised training on Woodward products

    Generator Servicing

    Our service team has greater than 40 years’ experience in servicing Diesel and Gas generators. Through the implementation of correct maintenance regimes, generator reliability is increased reducing costly down time. We have the capability to look after your Generators and all of the associated equipment such as Diesel Storage Systems, Fuel Transfer Pumps, Dummy Load Banks and Automatic Transfer Switches that make up your trusted backup system.

    Mechanical servicing of all generator brands
    Factory trained Caterpillar and Wartsila technicians
    Comprehensive maintenance contracts tailored specifically to the needs and risk rating of your business
    Load bank testing to ensure optimum performance of the generator both mechanically and electrically
    Cooling system maintenance and repairs
    Field service with 1300 after hours support

    Diesel Fuel Services

    Lakewood Electrical are dedicated to all issues relating to both cleanliness and overall safety of diesel storage. All of our technicians are experienced with tank set ups and assessment to AS1940 standard

    Programmed and periodic tank sampling with both Visual and Laboratory Analysis outlining diesel fuel condition
    Programmed and periodic tank cleaning and filtration utilising our own customised filtration units
    Tank treatment for bacterial control and fuel stability
    Integrity testing for all diesel storage tanks and lines
    Ground Well monitoring and installations
    Standard pump outs of treated or aqueous wastes from storage tanks
    Repairs, tank extractions, abandonment, environmental works and project co-ordination
    Complete fuel system design, supply and installation of, not limited to, AST, UST and Daily Service Tanks, pipework, pumps, filters, gauges and controls
    Full fuel system assessment including Filtration, Forwarding Systems and Controls
    Diesel fuel deliveries from 100 to 500,000ltrs
    Spill Response Control programs and consumables

    You can download a copy of our capabilities statement here.