Commercial & Industrial Installations

LES specializes in the commercial and industrial environments, undertaking a variety of projects including, light and power installations, power factor improvement (something we need to discuss because of the potential cost-savings to your business), machine relocations, material handling, PLC control, furnace rebuild and all major electrical installations. There is pretty well nothing we can’t handle.

We also develop custom-engineered industrial controlled systems utilising PLCs, HC and DC drives and operator interface systems. We will build systems to the exact specifications of any client no matter what size or level of complexity!

Our systems are both safe and cost effective and we will happily utilise a client’s preferred supplier, or we can provide the equipment ourselves, using as we do, only the very best available.

Since inception, industrial installations have been at the core of our business; we provide the following industrial services:

Lakewood Electrical Services also offer Generator Maintenance and Repair.

Got a question for us?

Please contact us if you have any enquiries for your commercial or industrial installations.